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Welcome to Global Synthetic Grass Perth

Based in Perth, Western Australia, Global Synthetic Grass offers outstanding services in the sales and installation of quality artificial grass in the Perth metropolitan region. Our team are trained specialists with years of knowledge and experience across the range of artificial lawns (or new grass) options for domestic and commercial use. We are dedicated to finding the best solution for your needs and to providing the best artificial grass in Perth.

Why choose Global Synthetic Grass?

Artificial grass (“astroturf” or new grass) maintains a freshly landscaped look throughout the year in all types of weather conditions. Artificial lawn also stands up to heavy use, such as in sports, and requires no irrigation or trimming. Once installed artificial grass is virtually maintenance free, saving on costs and time.

Quality and Value

All of our products have passed rigorous testing to ensure that the end product is of highest quality and value.
We have searched and tested fake grass products from around the globe to secure a supplier that has a long-standing reputation for quality and reliability. Our manufacturer is one of a small elite group of manufacturers in the world who are fully FIFA certified and Olympic Games certified and some our range are exclusive to Global Synthetic Grass, enabling us to offer a unique selection of quality fake grass products.

Exceptional Service

We pride ourselves in offering the best products in Perth combined with the best service. We work closely with our customers to ensure that the end product is tailored to suit each customer’s specific needs and priorities whether it is a natural colour, “look and feel”, child and pet friendliness, quality or durability.

Sustainable Products

Global Synthetic Grass is an environmentally responsible company that takes its carbon footprint seriously. Our fake grass products are designed to meet our customers’ demands for excellent quality and low environmental impact.

Data sheets of testing are available on all our products to ensure our customers are informed in making the best choices for their needs.

7 Year Standard Warranty

At Global Synthetic Grass, we stand behind our products with a 7 year standard warranty across our entire range of synthetic lawn products.

Supported by one of the largest and longest serving manufacturers in the world, we are confident that our products are superior to our competitors in the market.