Fake Grass

Fake Grass – The Smarter Option

Fake grass has become increasingly popular over the past decade as an attractive and economical alternative to natural grass. Fake lawn will stay looking fresh and well maintained without the need to trim or fertilise as required for organic grass and once installed, fake grass costs next to zero to upkeep. Aside from obvious cost savings, fake lawns require little attendance when properly installed, leaving you free to spend more leisure time enjoying your lawn and less time tending to it.

All aspects of our synthetic grass products range have been designed to give the most natural and true looking appearance which will last through years of heavy use. Significant advances in synthetics materials, dyes and matting techniques have been made over the years, resulting in the quality artificial grass products offered in our range.  Quality synthetic lawn, is no longer considered “second- best” but is now an attractive landscaping alternative, augmenting the overall value of your residential or commercial property.

We are proud to offer the highest quality selection of fake grass in Perth combined with expert advice and attentive service. We believe that your positive experience and satisfaction is the most important measure of our success.

Our team draws from years of experience in synthetic lawn products, installation techniques, base preparation and grass laying. We listen closely to our customers to determine the most appropriate fake turf product and earnestly offer our expert advice and recommendations to ensure that our customers receive a product that is of the highest calibre for their needs and is cost-effective as well.

Global Synthetic Grass is responsive to its customers’ requirements and provides flexible options, dealing directly with the public or distributors and offering supply only, or supply and install as required. For our supply and installation customers, our company provides a seamless one-stop solution.

Our supply and installation customers can relax with the knowledge that, as well as boasting high quality relationships between our wholesalers, landscapers and other trusted subcontractors, we complete our job with all the accessories and equipment required to expertly install our premium grass range, ready for use.  Our company is proud to offer an outstanding level of service to all of its customers, big or small, whether for home swimming pool surrounds or large-scale commercial soccer fields.

If you’re looking for a cutting edge synthetic lawn company that offers exceptional customer service and cuts no corners, please contact us for a consultation.